What Are Our Expectations?

As I am redefining content for this new website and indeed redefining what I can offer in this world at this time, for some reason a much repeated phrase came to my mind that I often hear in response to the topic of nutrition and alternative lifestyles.  The ‘well I have smoked and drunk and eaten everything available and I am still alive !’  It got me thinking about expectations etc.

The thing is yes that is so, but we live in a world right now with more challenges to human life than ever before.  We are being asked to step up and wake up on all levels.  With over 80,000 pollutants not least huge amounts of radiation, and all sorts of discordant frequencies, which were not around on such a scale even 20 years ago, can we really expect to carry on as before?  Where has it got us really ?  Our food has been adulterated in a way unthinkable when the 60,70 and 80 year olds were growing up and even that food which is organic and fresh struggles to deliver what we need now, as we have stripped our soils over the decades and polluted it from the air.  So it is helpful to us to be aware of this and chose certain things over others.  Beyond that, what are our expectations of actual quality of life in later years ?  We are kind of programmed to believe our life expectancy is on average 75/80 so we feel lucky to get there and of course we are told we go down hill from 50,  lose memory as we age, eye sight and energy etc and so we tend to content ourselves with little.  In reality we have no idea of our potential.  Our knowledge of history is extremely limited to what we are taught at school or in the media.  It is usually from the point of view of those with interests when it was recorded or told,  and limited to a small proportion of human existence.    We are gradually gaining revelations about more ancient civilisations, cycles that the Earth has been through before and through which humanity have evolved, but I note that there does still seem to be an assumption that the further back we go the more primitive we were – and that we gain in power and sophistication as we get nearer to this 21st century.   I have always felt there was more wisdom and higher knowledge way back and times when power has been used in a different way.  It has not always been used for the highest good of all but we have been far more advanced here on earth before and there are those that have discovered evidence for this now.  Our life on earth is an amalgamation of many influences and we are but a tiny part of the vast universal body as our physical cells are but a tiny but important part of our body.  Throughout the many ages of life on earth I am pretty sure there have been times we have been very long lived and healthy and wise just as there have been times we have had short and difficult lives.  We have had times when we knew how to nourish ourselves and live well to suit our particular energy frequency and we have had times when we have descended to ignorance.  Two streams of existence, one awake and sophisticated, connected to universal wisdom  open hearts and Love and the other blinkered and ignorant of true potential, cruel or perhaps kept that way.  The physical body is an entity which manifests our vibration.  Our mind the interpreter.  We are at a time now where we can chose to step into the fullness of our true selves, which is as creative beings of unlimited universal potential when Soul is emodied.  We could indeed become more than we have ever been.  Who knows what we are about to experience here on Earth the next few years (it is largely determind by what we focus our enegies on collectively), but lets raise our expectations of what is possible,  let go of preconceived assumptions and open the doors to unlimited potential.  It may take us a while to perfect it, or not for some, hey, lets lift away the idea that it is something to be worked at – it exists now !  ‘All is perfect in this Moment Now’ –  There is a vastly bigger picture that we do not see.   Live life to the full, Love Unconditionally,  laugh whenever possible and with Awareness chose the best you can that gives joy.


I have to say that since we started the supplements and doing home made blends down her tube at night (rather than NHS standard hand outs) she has turned into a different child – EVERYONE comments on how well she is looking and how much stronger and better she is… I can’t thank you enough.

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