So here were are nearly at the Spring Equinox of 2015.  Many of us are just getting a taste of that renewed energy that comes with more light and taste of warmth in the suns rays when we are lucky enough to experience it.  For others we are still waiting for that boost.   This is the time of year for renewal and being loving to ourselves definately helps kick start that process.  Making an effort to eat lightly, of fresh foods, get enough sleep and move and de-stress helps us to feel more energised and receptive to renewal, and open to giving and receiving.  Vitality is such an important part of our health.  It is a warning sign when we feel sluggish, depressed, out of sinc.   It happens to us all and winter naturally enhances those tendancies.  It can be difficult to turn inward but keep a harmonious balance the longer it goes on.  I certainly have to give myself a prod and a shake to push me out of the winter slump, more so as the years pass ! In the UK for sure the body and in particular the pineal gland finds it hard to know if we are still in winter or in spring with the fluctuating weather.  But reclaim that vitality we can!  Dis-ease and decay can only take hold when vitality is lost.  If we look to nature, decay micro-organisms will not move in until vitality/lifeforce is gone from a plant, leaf, body, fruit…..   Bugs and disease will seek out weak struggling plants.  Its the same for us.  So raising our energy through getting outside, starting the day with a meditation, moving the body with yoga or girokinesis or what ever you like, connecting with people who bring you joy, singing, hugs, and eating for health will help us feel fabulous and start this new cycle with a spring in our step and joy in our hearts because when we raise our vibration our positivity and wellbeing raises with it.  We all know this I think, but also often its good to remind ourselves.  Love and Light Blessings to you All.

P.S.  Rejuvanessence sessions and Microbz Bio-Live are great tools to support you.


I have to say that since we started the supplements and doing home made blends down her tube at night (rather than NHS standard hand outs) she has turned into a different child – EVERYONE comments on how well she is looking and how much stronger and better she is… I can’t thank you enough.

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