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Nothing on this website is designed to tell you what to think or what to do it is merely there to give you a bigger picture so you can make your own decisions.  Your own instincts are always paramount.

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there are so many  – but these two can’t be ignored as they come from top very conventional Medical Professionals.  I am not even presenting Holistic Practioners here, but these speakers to illustrate that even the most medical and conventional of scientists and doctors are saying that what is happening is wrong.   That is without even needing to look into whether there may be other agendas going on.  They may also not be looking at the whole holistic picture but the fact that top people are being ignored should make us ask Why?  So do ask Why ? about things, ask Who benefits in the long run ?, how is society being changed?  follow the money ……

This was in the Webinar

Dr Roger Hodkins Medical Specialist in Pathology and Virology – UK trained at Cambridge now President of the Alberta Society of Laboratory Physicians and also the Chairman of a company in Carolina selling the PCR Tests.

I played a bit of Mike speaking at the end but that interview with him has been taken down. This is another link I found .  There is also this but dont know for how long it will be up.  Just been sent his letter too…

Matt Hancock letter from Dr Michael Yeadon

This is Dr Mike Yeadon in another interview.

Also speaking out…..

Dr Dolores Cahill

World Doctors Alliance – A group of Doctors, Holistic Practioners, Scientists and Lawyers newly formed.

Dr Judy Mikovits – One of the originals to speak out.

Childrens Health Defence

There are the references and links at the end.  I have starred the most important

  • Béchamp or Pasteur ? A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology by Ethel D Hume ****** Absolutely Recommended – a lost chapter in OUR education and history.
  • *
  • New British Magazine *** A must read account from a UK Dr

For the 1971 newsreels about some mistakes , google Truth Stream Media – You Wont Believe What They Admitted on the News in 1971… thankfully there is alot we can do to help ourselves, but bare in mind that also created alot of revenue for someone. Our concern is that these new types are irreversible for various reasons.





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