The Nature of Health and Disease

The Nature of Health and Disease

It is simple yet complex, I shall attempt in a few words to convey the bones of it.

Manifestations of disease come from within, always. Symptoms may be passed by affinity,
in the same way that a magnet passes its power to a steel pin in close proximity. The pin is magnetised by virtue of what it is and not as a ‘fault’ of the magnet. Similarly, a disease may be ‘transmitted’ to one in close proximity to the diseased because of what they are; their standard of health physically, morally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. These days fear and belief are also driving forces. The disease is already within even if it was outside influences such as EMF frequencies, pesticides etc., that contributed, the external manifestation alone (symptoms) is triggered by the presence of another with a disease state of the same frequency. Had the pin been made of wood, it would not have become magnetised, just as if the man or woman is of a different frequency and their state of being in balance, they will not produce those symptoms.

When enough of a population share the same level of poor health and living conditions, mental and emotional distress, then there can be a clearing epidemic, but some will demonstrate it and others will not. This does not deny the existence of microbial organisms being passed from one to another, its more that they just exist constantly in and around us, we live in a microbial soup, which in its turn changes depending on the surrounding frequency and state of balance, but it merely places this concept in its right place in the greater view of the degenerative processes. In other words, it takes a fertile soil for a seed to grow.

There has been appalling damage wrought by vaccines (indeed any interference with nature) since their very beginning upon generations of children and adults which has all been passed down and gets built upon with each new load of suppressive medication and vaccination. All done without the wisdom of a true understanding of what we are and a long-term point of view. (Some may say done with full understanding these days). There is a delusion that if children and indeed adults do not suffer acute disease, then they are healthy. Fear persuades us that if our children do get an illness then it could be fatal and therefore our fault. There are and always have been, those who will exploit fear in others. School taught us to look back into religious and conquestial history and laugh about so called religious beliefs or ways of living, revealing a deluded people. The problem is we were never given the truth and we smugly consider ourselves to be above these things and this is what blinds us. Perception is everything.

The problem is the scientist, pseudo career scientists at that, have superseded the religionist, The doctor has taken over from the priest. The blind faith however has not changed. Threats of death and disease have displaced hell-fire and eternal damnation. If we could only overcome our fear, we would realise there are only scraps of distorted truth in what we are taught. But toxicity breeds fear and fear breeds toxicity.

Childhood acute diseases are the brief flowering of the shadows of disease that have punctuated the human race over the eons through each new generation. We content ourselves with the illusion drummed in via education and media, that they are ‘caught’ via bacteria and viruses from a hostile environment, and no further consideration is given to the
matter. Except in so far as they may be handed round by children of like constitutions, they are no such thing. Not all children will produce all the diseases, but most children will produce one or more at different times if allowed to and this is a healthy expression of nature. Complications only arise if the constitution is malnourished and toxic. Support with nutrition, herbs and homeopathic and if necessary allopathic medicine can support all of these and the physical will pull through if that is its own desired outcome.

An outbreak of a childhood illness occurs as one child awakens it in another. It is not that something is passed onto another that the other did not already have within and is therefore an innocent victim of. The bacteria which have become associated with the disease may be observed once the sickness has taken hold, it is likely they were there during ‘health’, but whatever disrupted inner balance created an environment for them to materialise and flourish in the first place. Then outward manifestation of disease is the struggle within the inner environment, firstly as the clearing up process gets underway, then as bacteria seek to take over if this is not supported and then as the defence (defenders of balance) mechanism seeks to create a hostile environment for said microbe stimulating inflammation, fever, etc in order to push out a. what created the imbalance in the first place and b. to restore harmony and put it in its place. It’s all about cohabitation in equilibrium as in nature, with no, one, factor becoming dominant. Naturally the body will always want to rid itself of that which it experiences to be not of its own frequency range.

Childhood illnesses are ancient diseases lying dormant in the human script, and the incarnation of a fresh vitality brings with it the opportunity to cast off an old burden. So it is that our children produce mumps, measles, whooping cough, etc. according to their individual expression. In our ignorance we mostly remain unaware of how important these irritating little diseases are and proceed to suppress them with immunisations and drugs, even natural potions. We also choose to remain mostly ignorant of how dangerous in the longer term such suppression is.

As the body is always seeking to push out what is not in harmony, driving it back in results in a different expression of disease further down the line. If one observes, you can see how a child improves in health, well-being and development after a childhood disease has come and gone naturally and fully, depending also of course on how many more patterns of disease and toxins remain to come out in other forms. This improvement in health is particularly visible after measles, which is the deepest of the childhood illnesses. It represents the level of disease which lies deepest in the past, down the line. Largely, they are not of this lifetime, but of previous incarnations and family and even societal karma and genetic burdens and disruptions. The child in his early years has the opportunity to throw off these distortions so that much of this disease from the past is not carried forward, crippling his constitution, vitality and gift to the world, and then being passed on to the next generation. However, because this process has not been understood and actively suppressed in the last 150/200 years, we are now at saturation point with suppression, we live in a society where we are not permitted to be ill, not even a good old fashioned, clearing cold. I even fell into that mindset myself the last few years with the ever-present pressure of having to keep earning, ‘can’t afford to be ill’ syndrome!

But the best defence against disease is health in its broadest manifestation, all the way through our embodiment. I imagine we are mostly agreed on that. Health however is never standardised, it is individual and is at different levels, good or bad within all of us. Health at this stage of our evolution is really the ability to transform and release, and therefore embody ever higher frequencies and so the spiral continues. A kind of flexibility rather than ridigity.

A certain level of health is there from conception, where it is added to or subtracted from according to the pregnancy, birth, childhood, our activities and what we put into our bodies. If as we have said, health and disease come from within, how then can the injection of proteins, virus material (simply a carrier of dead cells) and septic material (toxic dead cells) into the bloodstream increase the level of health? Especially if they come from another species or are even synthetic. Think frequency again.

Suppression does not work because, taking the example of children again, they may still experience the disease but in a modified form which doesn’t do the job of clearing and may not even be noticed, and also it always creates mutations (transformations) of whatever disease state into something deeper and harder to evacuate. Eg. Suppressed measles may come out as arthritis later on. It may also mean adults get those childhood diseases which gives them a much harder time with more likely complications as by then they have built up more toxins and dis-harmony and immunisation has rendered the constitution poorer still. Why do we have such an increasing rate of allergies and ill health in children, likewise in adults plus all the mental/emotional extremes and collapse.
Mumps corresponds to the disease process which comes from gonorrhoea passed down the generations. If supressed by immunisation then a perversion of sexual function is likely, especially in boys. Look at society today……

Chicken pox and partner shingles is a manifestation of the syphilitic miasm (shadow) which changed its form over the generations and produced tuberculosis, interestingly whooping cough very often follows chicken pox to allow a deeper clearing of the lung area and this tubercular shadow. Both the above have their roots in the distortion through the eons of sexual energy. Suppression of all of this leads to sycosis = a drive for excess, disembodiment, a weakened heart connection and even crime. At best the outcome is an over production of catarrh in children but eventually our physical becomes overburdened with toxicity especially with all the rest it has to endure. So, it has several attempts to rid itself of this toxicity and this is labelled infection, a virus, pneumonia, arthritis, auto-immune etc……
In the disease/health equilibrium the Vital body/Subtle bodies are absolutely key. This is where the patterns are held of past dis-ease. Past disease being what has not been completely cleared in this life but also patterns brought in from previous experiences of life plus those of the genetic line. It is from here that the most solid part of your physical manifests. It is from here that building, maintenance and repair/healing are initiated. It is your connection to your Source which instructs the Subtle bodies and therefore also your physical. Our body is our Source’s appointment with Earth.

It is the subtle bodies/vital force which has a magnetic field which transmits and receives everything, disease frequencies, joy, intentions, earth and universal frequencies which it picks up and transmits to the dense physical and to others.
What we do to the physical effects the vital, what the vital picks up at a frequency level effects the physical. I mean it’s all our physicality but this just describes the different layers.

Innoculation, trauma, toxicity, and medical suppression all weaken the link between our vital force/subtle bodies and our nervous system and spleen and therefore our physical. The spleen nourishes itself through sunlight and beneficial frequencies. All vaccination weakens the links. The point about this new wave of medicalisation and gene therapy is to sever the links. There are some who say perhaps not all interventions being issued to the population are equal or of the same substances. Even if a shot of water were administered by this frequency seeking control, it would carry all the intentions and information of a shot of identifiable substances. It may not intoxicate the body in the same way or directly but one would need to be aware and seek to repair the vibrational ‘hit’ received in the whole subtle and physical body. There is at the end of the day no difference between a just a certain frequency and a physical substance carrying that frequency. So, there is no ‘safe’ or shall we say ‘pure’ intervention currently as far as I can see from that reality setting.
The microbial world around us and in us is acutely aware of all of this and reacting and evolving through all these different frequencies. But that is a slightly different angle for another chapter………

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I have to say that since we started the supplements and doing home made blends down her tube at night (rather than NHS standard hand outs) she has turned into a different child – EVERYONE comments on how well she is looking and how much stronger and better she is… I can’t thank you enough.

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