Soul to Cell – Spiritual Coaching/Energy Healing

ButterflyBlueWe will work on many levels, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual and support the changes that occur as healing starts working its way through.  Thought patterns are brought into awareness to clear, nutrition is ideally also part of our work. This work is determined by you.

I channel high frequency energy of Source connecting Soul to Soul to direct it to where I am guided.  It is often a combination of working physically at a cellular or structural level, emotionally, or with memories of past events, past lives and the patterns created by such, and subtly at a soul level, clearing and healing through awareness and absorbtion of Source energy.

Over the years I have trained in various modalities but the more I work the simpler it becomes now, I mean what is more powerful than Source?  So I do not often use actual tools, such as crystals, colour or plants for example, now but do bring them in energetically if required.  I usually work hands away from the body but may lay them on when guided to or if certain meridian points need physically activating. I specifically do not work with the astral spirit plane.

We can begin with a focus on specific areas,  for example a health issue, family, work or relationships.  It is all inter-connected and as we go forward all areas of your life can evolve from the transformation happening within you.  New things can surface as clearing happens, this is healing in action.  Dis-ease occurs when energy is static, when patterns are ruling the Will.  What we are doing gets it all moving.  You will learn how to keep it moving and clearing to become the master of your own well-being and growth.  Working in this way strengthens the whole system and builds a resilience to outside influences e.g., electromagnetic or work, life stresses, and most importantly develops your relationship as an individualised Self connected to the Whole, to live a Soul-full life.   Its all about Love.

Nutrition and coaching for wellbeing are ideally part of this work.




Zara Kirk’s work is subtle, profound, honest, precise, deeply loving and still. A session with her is a journey to the simplest wholeness, and symptoms and problems don’t just fade for awhile, they disappear with such expansion that one can easily forget whatever was bothering one in the first place, forever.
Dr Steve Hinkey

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