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Please contact me to book your dates

From now on I am giving all my consultations on the basis of Donation via paypal.  If I need to travel then I ask that travel expenses are covered please.

AFTER YOUR DONATION Please contact me to book TIME AND DATE

This page is being updated presently – so the change over to donational booking with links is not quite complete yet !

HOST A TRANSFORMATION DAY – A day of energy updates for the group and sharing of knowledge, tailored to the group needs.  This can be on Zoom as well at moment.

This is an unprecidented time on planet Earth and we are required to step up and raise the vibration of our physical body and awareness in order to be able to ride this wave of change with our Sovereignty in tact.  This time is going to be challenging on many levels and your bodies may well experience what we see as pains and illnesses and dis-harmony as one is struggling through.  Mentally there may be distress around loved ones, struggling economies or the world’s change.  Support and assistance together in like-vibrational groups will play a huge part in helping this transition to occur more smoothly and with joy instead of confusion or fear.

Please contact me to book (online booking coming soon!)


First sessions are 1 hour and a half

Subsequent individual sessions can be 1 hour if you would like a shorter session

Sessions of 1 hour and a half  previously £50
Complete course of the 6, 90 mins sessions previously  £270 (paid in advance)

Gift Vouchers for the combination of your choice available – Please contact me to book 


Stand alone or combined with Energy work, Rejuvanessance® or Anti-stress technique therapy.  Skype Sessions, Phone or Zoom Session Available.

    • Nutrition Consultation with assessment and dietary advice previously £90 for the first consultation of  2 hours – in person or online.
    • Previously £45 for 1 hour nutrition follow ups which may include physical re-assessment and or relevant therapeutic treatments.
                     Previously £25 for half hour follow ups

                    Previously£60 for 1 hour 30 minute combined sessions

This includes any further information I supply and initial questions answered via email.

Please contact me to book dates


These are remote or by phone, zoom or in person

The first consultation is 90 minutes . I take a case history and we look at which area you would like to focus on first.

  • Further sessions are an hour.
  • Top-up Energisers 30 minutes


AT THIS TIME WITH THE SITUATION AS IT STANDS ALL CONSULTATIONS ARE ONLINE – SOME 1-1 SESSIONS MAY BE AVAILABLE FROM 1ST AUGUST. I work from home in Gloucestershire, but also in London and Devon, and elsewhere is considered on request. Home visits are available.  Travel and room hire costs need to be covered please where applicable.

Please contact me to book (online booking coming soon!)



I have to say that since we started the supplements and doing home made blends down her tube at night (rather than NHS standard hand outs) she has turned into a different child – EVERYONE comments on how well she is looking and how much stronger and better she is… I can’t thank you enough.

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