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Rejuvanessence – or Facial Energy Release –  is a precise and very gentle massage which helps to release tensions and stored memories in the fascia and ninety-one muscles of the face, neck, skull and shoulders.

The way I work is gently in harmony with the body.  It allows you to achieve a very deep state of relaxation and through techniques of touching acupuncture points and meridians, tightened muscles and stresses held in the connective tissue and muscles melt away allowing blocked energy to be released, thereby through a series of treatments  detoxifying and balancing the whole body and mind. The technique is completely natural, and contributes to a healthier, happier and younger appearance and an aligned and enlivened body.

The Face

The face is our primary organ of emotional expression. When we want to see what a person is feeling, we look at their face. Every trauma or stress sets itself in our facial muscles. Thinking about negative experiences of the past or imagining their recurrence in the future re-stimulates these same muscular patterns. Even the act of repressing emotions so that other people will not see what we feel leaves its trace. Not only in the stiffness that we use as a mask, but also in the expression that we hoped to hide from the eyes of others.



After 5 sessions

After 5 sessions

After a while we get so used to the patterns of tension that we no longer notice them. People can go round with the same stress and strain in their face for 20, 30 or even 40 years without being aware of it. When they relax the physical and mental tensions it is fantastic.

By working on the connective tissue that encases the muscles regularly we can create space for the muscles to relax. The muscles become more elastic and toned but also it is an opportunity to release old emotional patterns, at least to become aware.
The face achieves a flexible, lively balance, shaping and stretching the skin towards the optimal, natural harmonious form.

Before and after photos are not my favourite tool, but I do think you can see the relaxation and lift here and increased vitality.

The Skin

The skin is divided into two layers. The epidermis is the outer layer made up of the skin cells themselves. The next layer is the dermis, and this is made up of connective tissue. The blood vessels that carry the oxygen as well as the substances that feed the skin cells are embedded in this connective tissue.

Tension in the connective tissue will tighten the areas around these blood vessels and cut down on the flow of blood to the skin cells. Not only are they unable to get the nourishment they need, they cannot get rid of the waste products from cellular metabolism. The connective tissue of the skin itself is made up of living cells. These cells secrete collagen fibres which weave together to form a net-like structure. The cells also secrete the gelatin-like ground substance that fill the space between the fibres.

What we call ageing of the skin is primarily a stiffening of the gelatin of the ground substance. The chains of the molecules that make up the ground substance get bound together in long chains. The gelatin becomes hard and stiff. The skin of the face becomes less flexible. Lines and wrinkles become deep and set.

Furthermore, the hardening of the connective tissue of the skin can “glue” the skin to the layers below, to those connective tissues surrounding the muscles or the bones.


How can Rejuvanessence help?

The special light touch of Rejuvanessence mobilises the body’s own resources and releases the molecular tension. Suddenly the ground substance becomes flexible again. This helps the vitality and mobility of the face. Layers which had been glued together become unstuck. The skin can slide freely above the deeper layers of muscle and bone. The unique quality of Rejuvanessence is the lasting effect in the connective tissue which softens the skin, restores mobility to our expression and improves our complexion.

The jaw bone is moved by four major muscles on each side. If these are out of balance, people have tension in the joint, can have problems chewing properly, even grind their teeth when they sleep and as the jaw is directly related to the pelvis it can contribute to or be effected by mis-alignments here, create back tension and pain. In addition, if these muscles do not function properly in a balanced way, other muscles are used to compensate. Some of these muscles create double chins or unsightly rope-like folds in the skin of the throat. Set expressions of anger, fear and sadness melt, leaving a relaxed, joyful, satisfied expression. Lines, bags and wrinkles diminish. The face becomes more flexible, responsive and youthful looking. The complexion improves noticeably, the texture of the skin becomes silky, the colour, from increased circulation shines through. The face shows more spontaneous expressions and look more alive.

The American psychologist William James asked the question “Do we run because we are afraid, or are we afraid because we run?” In other words, is our body language a result of or emotions, or is our physical expression the cause of our feeling and mood?

Conventional wisdom has it that by changing our facial expression, we in fact key in different feelings. As a result of relaxing we have a more pleasant expression, send out different signals, and people notice. And they treat us better as a result.

Unnecessary tensions in the muscles around the nose and mouth have a noticeable and limiting effect on the breathing capacity. A smile will increase breathing capacity markedly. Sometimes people tell us that after their sessions they see, hear and even taste things better.

I also bring energy awareness to the sessions which can have increased focus as requested.




I have to say that since we started the supplements and doing home made blends down her tube at night (rather than NHS standard hand outs) she has turned into a different child – EVERYONE comments on how well she is looking and how much stronger and better she is… I can’t thank you enough.

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