Water. It’s my number 1. Good water is so important. Its our foundation. Don’t drink straight tap water, it’s dead, the chlorine is toxic and kills off good bacteria in the gut, it has lost its structure and is not readily absorbed by our cells. If you have fluoride in yours, it’s a poison, do research it. If you have to, filter tap water at the very least, re-energise it with spiral motion, intent (see the work of Masaru Emoto) and a crystal.  If you are lucky enough to live near a tested unpolluted spring, make use of it!

Be aware that when you shower and bathe it all goes through your skin, which is our biggest organ.  You can get reasonable shower and bath tap filters, it is said we can absorb 7 cups of water just in bathing.

If you buy a bottle, buy glass if possible (it’s better for recycling too) as plastic leaches into the water especially if in the sun and causes all sorts of hormone distortion.  Don’t go down the route of Alkaline or ozonated water that is promoted everywhere either, IT NUMBS THE NERVOUS SYSTEM! If you want to go the whole way go for Mineral Free Reverse Osmosis water but even this needs re-structuring and energising.  Spiraling flow forms are great for this. Good water is the foundation of good health and probably the most difficult thing to source.  Make it your mission!

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After an initial rough ride while the first phase of adrenal repair started… Now any trace of tiredness has left me. I cannot remember when I last felt this alive and really filled with joy. I have never come across a more amazing, potent and significant tool than quanta food. Especially under Zara’s guidance.
C ChichesterVillage Barn Retreats, 2012

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