Things to Avoid

We are all individuals with a unique journey to a state of wellbeing.  As such each one of us must determind what is right or not for one-self.  Sometimes it is useful at the start of that journey to have some pointers…….

I really don’t recommend soya products, processed maize/sweetcorn, and at the moment fish and seaweed are dodgy because of heavy sea pollution but even more so because of  high amounts of radiation and metals.

Soya is a weed that absorbs toxins from the ground and has to be heavily processed to be edible at all.  It weakens the brain and is hormonal.  Fermented soya in tamari or miso is ok BUT to have any benefit it needs to be un-pasturised.

Maize and sweetcorn is a distorted grain from being so mass produced, extremely limited nutritional value and increases stomach and organ fat.   Corn syrup/fructose is a lethal sugar.  Maize is one of the dominant animal feeds precisely to fatten them up.

DO NOT INGEST ASPARTAME – IT IS A POISON that damages the nervous system and brain – So beware those diet drinks, sodas, low calorie, no ‘sugar’ anythings.

Read the ingredients in everything you buy, nearly all processed products have soy or corn in some form in them e.g. corn syrup, soya lecithin.
Up your vegetable and fruit intake, see how high you can get it, they are alkalising and nutritional, the majority of the rest of food is acidic.  Bitter foods are great for bile production which assists digestion and detoxification. Some fats are good but too much is behind insulin resistance.  As you master your diet you will be able to feel what your body likes and needs.

Think ALIVE !  Think simple.

Your thoughts also feed you or not – become aware.   This is all about Awareness and frequency. Not about fear.  Fear is more toxic than anything. Negativity is acidic and feeds more negativity. So take the opportunity to become aware about what you fear too. Don’t be hard on yourselves but as your body becomes more nourished and detoxed it will become more simple for you to eat for health.   You will be amazed at how good nourishment can change your way of thinking and how you create your life.

Personally I have not taken allopathic medicine for 30 years except for dental anesthetic (I aim to try hypnosis next time if there is one ! as I started to react to it) so it is possible, BUT If you have a health condition I do NOT advise you stop taking your medicine,  it takes time and in-depth healing to perhaps do that and must be worked towards.   Obviously we are all grateful for emergency care and intervention.  If you are an occasional paracetamol, aspirin, antibiotic, cold medicine, allergy medicine etc., taker,  I do advise you explore whether there are other ways you can support the underlying conditions.

I would advise simple, natural, organic skin and household products.

I advise against intense detoxes/fasts by yourself and even that you be aware of detox retreats – you can feel great after them but if your body is depleted and toxic, (as most of us are to different degrees), releasing toxins into the system without first equipping the body to be able to excrete and deal with them can do far more damage than good in the long run.  If you know your adrenals are weak or that you are sensitive to stress or have obvious inflammation or health issues it is vital you repair the underlying causes first.

This is a starting point as I said at the start we are all individuals .  In the end it is all about frequency. If you would like to know more, explore how to restore your own body’s ability to detox itself at the deepest levels and so restore its regenerative abilities, to have great energy,  balance hormones, have more patience, clear mind, lose weight, correct blood sugar imbalances and resistance to stress and be coached on your journey, do please contact me.  I have spent 30 years living the study of optimum nutrition and wellbeing and there is always further to go as we and the world evolve and understand more.


Aware Nutrition Sessions


I have to say that since we started the supplements and doing home made blends down her tube at night (rather than NHS standard hand outs) she has turned into a different child – EVERYONE comments on how well she is looking and how much stronger and better she is… I can’t thank you enough.

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