Run by Dr Paul Yanick who is a truly world-class scientist. Dr Yanick has knowledge of not only cutting-edge quantum physics and cellular biology, but he’s also deeply intuitive and understands the ways of nature beyond most humans. His work has been driven by the desire to cure himself from life threatening health issues 3 times.  He makes fermented food-based supplements that rebuild the body from the cellular and energetic levels on up. He understands that 85% of the body’s cells are “commensal” cells, which means microbes, nonhuman good bacteria and this is the foundation of health and repair. His own testing has also shown that most raw food products sold online and in shops contain mould and this is one of the debilitating and intoxicating to address in order to reverse degeneration.

His fermented foods and probiotics are so far beyond others because he does amazing things with them. He ferments his cultures with a brilliant array of synergistic plant-based foods over several months, all while immersed in a scalar field. Then he throws a different culture into the pot, different foods, and ferments them all again. Then he does it again, and again — in a scalar field. Some of his products take years to make. only $9 to join for a lifetime, learn cutting edge knowledge about your health and start your Quanta Foods healing programme with me.

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Zara is a natural healer. Her energy is powerful, yet gentle, compassionate and deep. Within minutes of lying on the couch, I found myself profoundly relaxed and was bathed in a very pleasant feminine healing energy. At the end of the session I felt wonderfully refreshed and recharged.
Sophie PartridgeStanborough House, Devon

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