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Its about nourishing ourselves to restore and nurture our inner ecosystem which is the foundation of our physical health and mental and emotional wellbeing. Its about our aliveness within and how that interacts with the natural environment around us which provides us with our nutrition.

We are 90% microbial cells and only 10% human cells.  But nutritional knowledge up until now has only focused on the 10%.

This inner ecosystem, or microbiome as it is know is at the core of our body’s ability to thrive.  This is the foundation of our immune system and what gives us resillience to 21st century stressors such as electro-magnetic fields (phones, wiifi etc), tap water, life challenges, pollution and viruses and harmful bacteria.

To cultivate this microbiome and indeed restore it if it has been destroyed by antibiotics, chlorine, etc requires the right habitat, which we can create through good nutrition.

Feeding ourselves is about nurturing not only ourselves but more importantly the trillions of beneficial microbes which do so much for us.  Good nutrition can assist us in producing energy, a healthy self-healing body, an open healthy mind,  harmonious interactions with others and zest for life.

It is so important that what we put into our mouths or onto our skin be of value for our body.  Real nutrition is not the only contributor to health and wellbeing of course but it is a huge part.  Its all about resonance.

We generally haven’t eaten or cared well for ourselves for centuries and with the advent of the industrial revolution in the west the quality of food we were eating started going rapidly down hill as well.  As it became about quantity, the quality and nutrient density diminished until now nearly all of what is supplied to us as food really shouldn’t be called so.  The state of the world’s food and farming is one of the most serious catastrophies facing us.  (If we allow it to be).

The biggest mind change around health and nutrition is that we need to go from a culture of death to one of aliveness.  We have the opportunity to achieve a health and vitality that has not been the norm for millennia.  It will take some work !

We are shadows of our potential.  But I know there can be a re-volution in health and awareness. With it the whole way of thinking and behaving of mankind will inevitably change in the longterm.

So where can we start with nutrition?   Well these are my basic starting points for you and your children that will give you a foundation to work from.  Our foundation is our inner ecosystem – the microbiome. I know with life as it is these days sometimes the best is not possible and thats fine, there is no point stressing, but it is important to be aware.

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Stand alone or combined with Energy work, Rejuvanessance® or Anti-stress technique therapy.

A full case history will be taken. Muscle and organ palpitation will be used to assess the level of health of organs and physicality as well as intuitive scanning. From there initial recommendations will be made and you will learn where your body is at and why and how you can change track and, if desired, I can help you with recipies and life style plans. This is a journey taken step by step and it is very good to have the support through this which will include my experience in the wellbeing of mind body and spirit through various modalities. Whatever level of dietary and physical health you start from you will be detoxing and restoring and charging your body and whole being with aliveness.


I supply and work with top, alive, pure, raw, fermented, optimum foodstate supplements from Quantafoods Association from the US, which are available here in the UK through me, and will be recommended as part of your journey to optimum health if needed. This is the best I have ever come across so far, cutting edge and delivers results like no other.


I have to say that since we started the supplements and doing home made blends down her tube at night (rather than NHS standard hand outs) she has turned into a different child – EVERYONE comments on how well she is looking and how much stronger and better she is… I can’t thank you enough.

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