Is there fear behind our choices ?

For many the journey into natural healing or health maintenance is more daunting these days because of the huge amount of information available to us now.   There has been a kind of explosion of interest, which is good, but there is much conflicting out there. However well meaning it may be, often it is unhelpful if coming from a source with a particular limited belief, or if marketing for profit uses certain tactics. For example if an information source holds the belief that gluten is the cause of irritable bowel with its various symptoms, then that conditions the advice and recommendations given. In the case of a practioner, that can also colour diagnosis. Even with kinesiology, which would seem to be receiving answers from the patient’s body – if the practioner is holding a particular expectation in mind when testing, then that will effect the interpretation and if quantum physics is applied could even effect the response from the patient.   The biggest challenge to positive outcome from anything is our human tendency to fall into belief patterns and judge ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and how we hold that within our psyches.   There is so much reporting of all that is ‘bad’, so much reporting of ‘ if you do that you will get cancer, or suffer heart attack, or age faster’ that as fast as we turn to wanting to make healthy choices and explore alternative ways we are also imbedding within our consciousness a fear that if we don’t we will be doomed.

So, far from helping through awareness and truth, this huge availability of information can be creating more guilt and more fear. There is also the fashion for the various fads out there to navigate.

To have information is great, to do research into how things affect us is great, but we need to make sure we keep listening to our inner wisdom as to what is true for us at that time. There is righteousness in being healthy these days – rather than it being just a simple choice for wellbeing.   It would also be helpful to drop the view that people are ‘missing out’.   Particularly with children how often are they made to believe they are poor things in some way if they don’t have sugar for example. Interestingly Tesco’s has decided to remove all chocolate and sweets from around the cash tills, so perhaps something is getting through after all. There is so much emotion around our nourishment choices and now we really do have to check in with ourselves as to whether, in our ‘healthy choices’, there is fear.

We must be mindful that we make our choices from a place of ‘this feels good for me at this time’ rather than from fear that if you don’t you wont get better or stay healthy. There needs to be joy in our choices and above all no condemning judgement.   Because, more important than any outside thing we do to help ourselves, is our inner voice and belief conditioning. We could have the most outwardly healthy diet in the world but if it covers a fear that if we don’t do it we will get e.g. cancer we are still cultivating that belief that we could get cancer.  And it is never ‘one’ thing that is the cause of something.

What is important is all round Awareness and discovering what works for us as individuals to help cultivate the best wellbeing and peace of mind.   Dr Yanicks research and heartfelt desire to assist humanity at this time is wonderful but even he has fallen into the rhetoric of fear and we need to see past that to the value of what he knows about how we work as an energetic physicality and how to capture that vital energy in water and nourishment.   Then we can gain the most from his and other products and food. When we get stuck in our minds there is always duality so we always create the positive with the negative. However if we make choices and recommendations from a clear space of heart then we can create what is best for us.

Zara – Summer 2014



I have to say that since we started the supplements and doing home made blends down her tube at night (rather than NHS standard hand outs) she has turned into a different child – EVERYONE comments on how well she is looking and how much stronger and better she is… I can’t thank you enough.

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