Do we think with our brains or is it our cells and their frequency which create our thoughts and e-motions?

That it is all about frequencies is not new, this is just another way of seeing. The 21st century approach is all symptom based.  Top down, remove this, remove that. When we come to an understanding of the fact we are a sum of atoms responding to the environment we are in and which we provide for them, we can begin to realize that there is more to how we feel than we thought. And it is in fact a lot more simple than we have made it out to be. It is extremely hard work correcting what we perceive as uncomfortable or wrong in the physical or emotion/mentals levels from a top down, symptom based approach.

Instead if we create an environment within us – a healthy ecosystem – which can express itself in its entirety of atoms at the frequency it is designed to thrive, toxicity of the body and mind can melt away with ease.  Our ‘thinking’ clarifies, positivity abounds and perceived ‘problems’ can be seen from another perspective in which they are not problems any more.

We have been very good at ‘labelling’ things, finding excuses for things in ‘that person’ or ‘that experience’  We get stuck, we churn things around and around feeding that negative energy or frequency. It has seemed radical that we recognize that a cancer can be ‘caused by’ negative emotions getting stuck,  exacerbated by mal-toxic-nourishment, which we work at removing through the brain and through emotional clearing and extreme detoxing. Well it is even more radical to realize that those emotions and negative thoughts are simply an out of tune frequency being expressed by our cells which has come about through toxicity and mal-nourishment and the brain is simply trying to decipher of all that.

Through taking in pure alive vital water, (this is a vital key to it all and foundation to EVERYTHING), pure alive foods and supplements which return our polarities and frequencies to their designed healthy state, toxicity flows out of the cells, and tissues, organs revitalize, anomalies heal, and the chemical impulses which are then able to express themselves are interpreted by the brain as lightness, clarity, joy, even love.

So we become a beacon of wellbeing which attracts more positivity and transforms our life and the expression of it around us.  It just happens, we don’t need to try so hard – we just are…. Then Soul expression can flood in more easily, there is no warp to get in the way.  And Existing becomes a completely different experience.

So this is the bottom up approach – once the foundation is restored everything above can fall into place, if energy work is also used to bring in higher frequencies from ‘above’ as it were and the heart centre is cultivated then wonderful – it’s a whole package.

Zara Kirk 2013




I have to say that since we started the supplements and doing home made blends down her tube at night (rather than NHS standard hand outs) she has turned into a different child – EVERYONE comments on how well she is looking and how much stronger and better she is… I can’t thank you enough.

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