Giving and Receiving

When you want to close down, stay safe, remember gratitude, even for the smallest things like fresh air clean sheets and a warm bed, like flowers that give us their beauty against all odds.
When you fall into that mindset of ‘lack’, remember what was given today….and if you really cant think of anything then give what you feel is lacking….
Not enough connection ? Then reach out and connect, not enough time? Then look for moments you can give yourself, not enough hugs? Then give some hugs,


So here were are nearly at the Spring Equinox of 2015.  Many of us are just getting a taste of that renewed energy that comes with more light and taste of warmth in the suns rays when we are lucky enough to experience it.  For others we are still waiting for that boost.   This is the time of year for renewal and being loving to ourselves definately helps kick start that process.  Making an effort to eat lightly, of fresh foods, get enough sleep and move and de-stress helps us to feel more energised and receptive to renewal, and open to giving and receiving. 

Is there fear behind our choices ?

For many the journey into natural healing or health maintenance is more daunting these days because of the huge amount of information available to us now.   There has been a kind of explosion of interest, which is good, but there is much conflicting out there. However well meaning it may be, often it is unhelpful if coming from a source with a particular limited belief, or if marketing for profit uses certain tactics. For example if an information source holds the belief that gluten is the cause of irritable bowel with its various symptoms, then that conditions the advice and recommendations given.

Do we think with our brains or is it our cells and their frequency which create our thoughts and e-motions?

That it is all about frequencies is not new, this is just another way of seeing. The 21st century approach is all symptom based.  Top down, remove this, remove that. When we come to an understanding of the fact we are a sum of atoms responding to the environment we are in and which we provide for them, we can begin to realize that there is more to how we feel than we thought. And it is in fact a lot more simple than we have made it out to be. It is extremely hard work correcting what we perceive as uncomfortable or wrong in the physical or emotion/mentals levels from a top down,

Ultimate Nourishment

Tis the age to bear our Souls, Love as the mignificent beings we are. Every heart bares this essence to Unite in the One love the Great Love that is the mud of this Earth, that is the chaos of mankind, that is the unfathomable mystery of the Universe.  This is what life is. Where it lies dormant, awaken it from its slumber, where it hides behind pain, tear down those illusions of separation.  Embrace the blood, sweat and tears that have brought you this far. Claim your wildness, cradle your tenderness, still the chatter of lack and confusion.  The way is unbridled Love for yourself,

What Are Our Expectations?

As I am redefining content for this new website and indeed redefining what I can offer in this world at this time, for some reason a much repeated phrase came to my mind that I often hear in response to the topic of nutrition and alternative lifestyles.  The ‘well I have smoked and drunk and eaten everything available and I am still alive !’  It got me thinking about expectations etc.

The thing is yes that is so, but we live in a world right now with more challenges to human life than ever before.  We are being asked to step up and wake up on all levels. 

How the Recovery of the Ecosystem of Our Soil and Our Own Inner Microbial Ecosystem are Inter-Related

My work for the last 22 years has been based around natural healing from the point of view of energy, Soul and nutrition.  I have always grown food organically but for a few years now have been discovering more about how important the intricate ecosystem of the soil is for the growth of vital, nutrient rich healthy foods.  There has always been a recognition that nature contains the secrets for everything we need to be healthy, vital, harmonious spirit-full beings.   Through learning more and more about the intricacies of nature, the more we can discover and learn about just how closely this is related to our physical body.  


I feel that the quanta supplements taken on your recommendations, dosage and timings have created a significant shift. Cleansing of the body has been more efficient. (I am having mercury levels tested in this month but already know that there will be a massive difference.) The adrenals feel restored and I feel like I did when I was 20 (I am 45).
C ChichesterVillage Barn Retreats, 2012

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