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For Your Benefical Microbe Needs

Microbz Bio-Live for Adults and Children

Bio-Live Gold

For Adults and over 14s

500ml £18.00

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Bio-Live for Children –
Goo for You

250ml £12.50
500ml £20.00

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Organixx Organic Bone Broth Protein Powder

Virtually ALL bone broth supplements come in liquid form and are chock full of exactly what you DON’T want: Chemicals and preservatives.
(Anything shipped in liquid form pretty much has to have some kind of preservatives and chemicals to ensure it’s safe.)
Our Organic Bone Broth Protein Powder is completely different.
We’ve taken the moisture out of the mix, and taken our protein all the way back to its most natural state.
No additives or preservatives, period.
How can we be so sure?
Well, we’re excited to announce that our Organic Bone Broth Protein Powder is now officially certified organic by the USDA! This means that our formula achieved the highest level of federal standards and guidelines for the quality and source of our organic ingredients.
It also means that Organic Bone Broth Protein Powder contains NO chemicals… ZERO preservatives…. and it’s GMO-FREE! We’re incredibly proud of this milestone! We have always sourced organic ingredients for all of our products. But our team has worked diligently over the last few months to make sure all of our suppliers are held to strict USDA standards.
So you can rest assured, you’re getting 20 grams of PURE, natural bone broth protein in every single scoop.
When you click below to try it today, you’ll see our Organic Bone Broth Protein Powder comes in 3 flavors (plain, chocolate, or vanilla) to give you the choice you deserve.
We really listened to our customers and made a few tweaks to improve the taste of our new and improved formula too.
You still get the same 3 flavor options – but we’ve toned down the sweetness (in the chocolate and vanilla flavors) and added a richer base ( in the plain flavor) to give it a more natural taste.
The results? DELICIOUS!

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