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Is there fear behind our choices ?

For many the journey into natural healing or health maintenance is more daunting these days because of the huge amount of information available to us now.   There has been a kind of explosion of interest, which is good, but there is much conflicting out there. However well meaning it may be, often it is unhelpful if coming from a source with a particular limited belief, or if marketing for profit uses certain tactics. For example if an information source holds the belief that gluten is the cause of irritable bowel with its various symptoms, then that conditions the advice and recommendations given. In the case of a practioner, that can also colour diagnosis. Even with kinesiology, which would seem to be receiving answers from the patient’s body – if the practioner is holding a particular expectation in mind when testing, then that will effect the interpretation and if quantum physics is applied could even effect the response from the patient.   The biggest challenge to positive outcome from anything is our human tendency to fall into belief patterns and judge ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and how we hold that within our psyches.   There is so much reporting of all that is ‘bad’, so much reporting of ‘ if you do that you will get cancer, or suffer heart attack, or age faster’ that as fast as we turn to wanting to make healthy choices and explore alternative ways we are also imbedding within our consciousness a fear that if we don’t we will be doomed.

So, far from helping through awareness and truth, this huge availability of information can be creating more guilt and more fear. There is also the fashion for the various fads out there to navigate.

To have information is great, to do research into how things affect us is great, but we need to make sure we keep listening to our inner wisdom as to what is true for us at that time. There is righteousness in being healthy these days – rather than it being just a simple choice for wellbeing.   It would also be helpful to drop the view that people are ‘missing out’.   Particularly with children how often are they made to believe they are poor things in some way if they don’t have sugar for example. Interestingly Tesco’s has decided to remove all chocolate and sweets from around the cash tills, so perhaps something is getting through after all. There is so much emotion around our nourishment choices and now we really do have to check in with ourselves as to whether, in our ‘healthy choices’, there is fear.

We must be mindful that we make our choices from a place of ‘this feels good for me at this time’ rather than from fear that if you don’t you wont get better or stay healthy. There needs to be joy in our choices and above all no condemning judgement.   Because, more important than any outside thing we do to help ourselves, is our inner voice and belief conditioning. We could have the most outwardly healthy diet in the world but if it covers a fear that if we don’t do it we will get e.g. cancer we are still cultivating that belief that we could get cancer.  And it is never ‘one’ thing that is the cause of something.

What is important is all round Awareness and discovering what works for us as individuals to help cultivate the best wellbeing and peace of mind.   Dr Yanicks research and heartfelt desire to assist humanity at this time is wonderful but even he has fallen into the rhetoric of fear and we need to see past that to the value of what he knows about how we work as an energetic physicality and how to capture that vital energy in water and nourishment.   Then we can gain the most from his and other products and food. When we get stuck in our minds there is always duality so we always create the positive with the negative. However if we make choices and recommendations from a clear space of heart then we can create what is best for us.

Zara – Summer 2014


What Are Our Expectations?

As I am redefining content for this new website and indeed redefining what I can offer in this world at this time, for some reason a much repeated phrase came to my mind that I often hear in response to the topic of nutrition and alternative lifestyles.  The ‘well I have smoked and drunk and eaten everything available and I am still alive !’  It got me thinking about expectations etc.

The thing is yes that is so, but we live in a world right now with more challenges to human life than ever before.  We are being asked to step up and wake up on all levels.  With over 80,000 pollutants not least huge amounts of radiation, and all sorts of discordant frequencies, which were not around on such a scale even 20 years ago, can we really expect to carry on as before?  Where has it got us really ?  Our food has been adulterated in a way unthinkable when the 60,70 and 80 year olds were growing up and even that food which is organic and fresh struggles to deliver what we need now, as we have stripped our soils over the decades and polluted it from the air.  So it is helpful to us to be aware of this and chose certain things over others.  Beyond that, what are our expectations of actual quality of life in later years ?  We are kind of programmed to believe our life expectancy is on average 75/80 so we feel lucky to get there and of course we are told we go down hill from 50,  lose memory as we age, eye sight and energy etc and so we tend to content ourselves with little.  In reality we have no idea of our potential.  Our knowledge of history is extremely limited to what we are taught at school or in the media.  It is usually from the point of view of those with interests when it was recorded or told,  and limited to a small proportion of human existence.    We are gradually gaining revelations about more ancient civilisations, cycles that the Earth has been through before and through which humanity have evolved, but I note that there does still seem to be an assumption that the further back we go the more primitive we were – and that we gain in power and sophistication as we get nearer to this 21st century.   I have always felt there was more wisdom and higher knowledge way back and times when power has been used in a different way.  It has not always been used for the highest good of all but we have been far more advanced here on earth before and there are those that have discovered evidence for this now.  Our life on earth is an amalgamation of many influences and we are but a tiny part of the vast universal body as our physical cells are but a tiny but important part of our body.  Throughout the many ages of life on earth I am pretty sure there have been times we have been very long lived and healthy and wise just as there have been times we have had short and difficult lives.  We have had times when we knew how to nourish ourselves and live well to suit our particular energy frequency and we have had times when we have descended to ignorance.  Two streams of existence, one awake and sophisticated, connected to universal wisdom  open hearts and Love and the other blinkered and ignorant of true potential, cruel or perhaps kept that way.  The physical body is an entity which manifests our vibration.  Our mind the interpreter.  We are at a time now where we can chose to step into the fullness of our true selves, which is as creative beings of unlimited universal potential when Soul is emodied.  We could indeed become more than we have ever been.  Who knows what we are about to experience here on Earth the next few years (it is largely determind by what we focus our enegies on collectively), but lets raise our expectations of what is possible,  let go of preconceived assumptions and open the doors to unlimited potential.  It may take us a while to perfect it, or not for some, hey, lets lift away the idea that it is something to be worked at – it exists now !  ‘All is perfect in this Moment Now’ –  There is a vastly bigger picture that we do not see.   Live life to the full, Love Unconditionally,  laugh whenever possible and with Awareness chose the best you can that gives joy.

How the Recovery of the Ecosystem of Our Soil and Our Own Inner Microbial Ecosystem are Inter-Related

My work for the last 22 years has been based around natural healing from the point of view of energy, Soul and nutrition.  I have always grown food organically but for a few years now have been discovering more about how important the intricate ecosystem of the soil is for the growth of vital, nutrient rich healthy foods.  There has always been a recognition that nature contains the secrets for everything we need to be healthy, vital, harmonious spirit-full beings.   Through learning more and more about the intricacies of nature, the more we can discover and learn about just how closely this is related to our physical body.   How can it not be, we are of the Earth.

Some areas of science are revealing just how important it is to restore the microorganisms or diverse bacteria to the soil in order for it to be able to sustain life.  With industrial farming, pollution, environmental disasters soils around the world have been stripped bare of these organisms, the soil is barren and unable to support life.   More chemicals are poured into it in desperation, to worsening effect on the environment and our health.  The Japanese, who reached this desperation after Nagasaki and chemical destruction, have pioneered the discovery and use of EMOs – Effective Micro-organisms – a correct combination of the right bacteria which if returned to the soil, restore its ability to sustain life, eat up pollution and promote an abundance and vitality of plant life far far superior to chemical fertilizers.  Actually microorganisms are the supreme intelligence on this earth.  Without them the earth could not support life and without them we as humans physically cannot thrive.  Over the last three years my understanding of human health and nutrition has vastly expanded. What I am going to be describing here is how we human beings mirror the Earth with her incredible ecosystem.  Unfortunately we are now also a mirror of the destruction and ignorance played out in so called technically advanced farming.

Did you know that the human body in its original healthy state is 90% microorganisms (microbial cells) and only 10% human cells?   There are  3.3 million genes in the microbial cells (so far discovered) compared to only 20,000 genes in the human cells. That 90% is responsible for the very foundation of our health and mental wellbeing.   For the last 3 years I have been studying  and working with Dr Paul Yanick’s  Quantafood Programme.  Based in the USA, he has been a pioneer for the past 45 years in this area.  Main stream science is now discovering  that these microorganisms,  (from what is known at the moment, these should ideally number over 400 strains to form our micro-biome), nourish us in ways that science and medicine has never understood before. It is discovering that this vast, complex, and dynamic eco-system of microbial cells produces a goldmine of hundreds of thousands of symbiotic nutrients as well as anti-toxin, anti-infective, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer compounds.

Our sustainability is our capacity to endure stress in a polluted world with adequate renewal, maintenance, and ecosystem nourishment, and this needs living “polar” symbiotic nutrients. In return, this micro-biome nourishment, undiscovered by most nutritionists, maintains a diverse, robust, and genetically productive consortium of gut microbes. The micro-biome requires fresh-picked vital food nourishment that possesses living “battery-like polarities” with the positive and negative charges equally dispersed, to supercharge your micro-biome. These new scientific findings are rewriting the books on diet and nutrition. But, no one is nourishing these super-intelligent microbial cells! And, since human cell nourishment comes from our micro-biome that produces hundreds of thousands of symbiotic nutrients, we should be nourishing them instead of taking the mere few vitamins and minerals, even micro-minerals sold to us today which are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what actually nourishes us.

The top physical three causes of death in the west have been scientifically linked to diet and nutritional deficiencies.  We know there are other factors involved as well but this certainly is a big part of the whole. The reason why micro-biome nourishment is generating so much excitement is that it’s a completely NEW approach to nutrition. Old nutrition myths don’t hold water anymore – myths like only your human cells need nourishment! Human cell nutrition comes primarily from your micro-biome. We need to nourish it so it is sustainable, robust and diverse, and it will nourish us in an excellent and superior way.  And the only way to do this is to care for the Earth and grow our food in a caring, aware and local way. A healthy inner ecosystem is an essential part in maintaining cell communication and cell polarity, which is how our body repairs and restores itself and how it interacts energetically with the world around it.

But how have we been living?  Everything about the way we live now is anti micro-biome.   Firstly for the majority eating fresh picked, organic vegetables and fruits is not an option.  Only if you grow your own.   Organic food in supermarkets although preferable to non organic from an environmental point of view and also in terms of less chemicals for us, is flown halfway round the world or has been picked days before.  As soon as something is picked it begins to lose its vitality and nutrients.  So actually our micro-biome if we have one left is starving because it is not getting the nourishment it needs to sustain itself.   Then there is the topic of water.  Basically chlorinated tap water kills off the micro-biome.  Good pure, vital drinking and bathing water is one of the most difficult things to have access to in this world today.  Then there is the whole anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal conditioning.   Not only with allopathic medicines but also with so called ‘natural’ antibiotics too.  How many of us have thought we were doing so well with giving ourselves colloidal silver, tea-tree or even raw garlic to shift that cold or ‘infection’!  We have wiped out our micro-biome regardless of it being a ‘natural anti-biotic’.   It is a symptom-focused approach.  A few probiotics after, will not restore it either.  Fungus and moulds, which multiply in grains and seeds because of mass production and mass storage are also enemies of a healthy micro-biome and so, too is pasteurization.    If milk is produced in small, organic healthy farms, tested to be pure and sold locally, then there is no need for pasteurization and then milk and cheese if you choose to ingest them are foods for nourishing our micro-biome and not dead, indigestible poor relations which are mucus forming because our bodies are trying to protect themselves from it.

The key to prevention and cure of sickness and disease is two fold.  One, a cultivation of Soulful living and caring for the Earth and two, the restoration and nurturing of our microbiome.   Pathological bacteria and fungi are around us all the time.  With a strong foundation of positive microbes anything pathological will either not stand a chance or can be more easily over come.  Our energy signature will be higher and stronger too and so we will be less susceptible to picking up bacteria, virus and fungus of a lower energy vibration.  It works the same way in plants.  Our resistance to stress is also then much stronger.  Our mental and emotional state is more stable and open and connected.

A revolution in the way we understand our own nourishment will go hand in hand with the resurgence of a compassionate co-habitation of us all on this Earth.   How healthy our own inner ecosystem is also effects how we think and feel and our relationships to each other and our environment. In order to restore this very foundation of our health we will need to re-learn how to eat to nourish it and that will mean avoiding all those products of industrial farming and processed foods.  In so doing we can also reduce our waste and come into a greater alignment with nature.  All man made – processed anything, carry a positive ionic charge and create a lack of polarity within our cells, which take us out of alignment energetically from nature.  This makes us crave for example, sugars, processed and cooked foods, sex, alcohol, caffeine and mindless distractions.

Even if you are aware of being out of alignment it is hard work in this state to bring yourself to a point of focus.  Your afferent neurons of the nervous system are desensitized and this reduces the ability of the efferent pathway of the nervous systems to reduce inflammation and release toxins.  Have you ever noticed the connection between your openness, grounded spiritually and what you eat? As you change your diet and rebuild your micro-biome and repair your nervous system, you become aware of the subtlety of the energetic exchange going on from cell to cell and you become one with nature and All that Is.  Its revolutionary but it is time now for the sake of our Mother Earth and for our own

It’s all about love for ourselves, for others and for our Earth.

Zara Kirk

Zara Kirk is the only Nutrition and Diet Adviser in the UK at the moment who is working with Dr Paul Yanick’s Quantafood Programme to actively restore and nourish this micro-biome that is so essential to our health.

‘I am passionate about teaching how to safe-guard and nurture this micro-biome in adults and children’

Other Research resources – Dr Paul Yanick/Quantafood Association


Zara Kirk’s work is subtle, profound, honest, precise, deeply loving and still. A session with her is a journey to the simplest wholeness, and symptoms and problems don’t just fade for awhile, they disappear with such expansion that one can easily forget whatever was bothering one in the first place, forever.
Dr Steve Hinkey

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