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Zara KirkI have been studying and working with alternative therapies, energetic healing, meditation, nutrition and movement for wellbeing for more than 25 years. The studying and gaining of experience has never ceased.

As a child I was very aware of energy and soul dimensions in various ways. A back injury at 19 changed my course from ballet dancer to embarking on my exploration of how to heal and gain optimum health naturally. It became my passion and I have always held the absolute belief that we can become the masters of our own wellbeing

While living in Italy at 22, teaching English, I began studying nutrition as a healing therapy. I studied with ION and began exploring different ways of eating, be it conventional, vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, raw, and gained much awareness about how different foods and combinations influenced my health, energy, emotions and mental clarity. More and more by listening to my body I would be lead in new directions of research and study which deepened my knowledge.  With all things we can only know something authentically from experience.   I also hold a diploma in nutrition and diet and lifestyle and have studied  and specialised in the microbiome with the late pioneer Dr Paul Yanick.  I continue to work with his  Quantafood Programme to restore our gut microbiome. Our knowledge of our human body and nature’s wisdom is expanding so quickly now that it is indeed an exciting time to be working in this field.

While in Italy I also studied and worked with Aura Soma Colour Therapy, co-created an alternative health centre and then moved back to the UK. I then studied extensively Energy work and Crystal Healing in depth, including amongst many things, Coaching, Reflexology and Meridian work.

In 2005 I was invited to Greece to set up and run a retreat centre. After returning in 2007 I took a year out for family (I have 4 children) and to work with Be the Change Initiative who are an organisation encouraging change environmentally, socially and personally. It was very interesting but confirmed for me that the way for transformation on all levels on this planet lies within us, and this is where my heart and passion is, working personally with people towards ultimate transformation when life becomes Love, becomes Source.

I trained in Rejuvanessence® – Facial Energy Release in 2011, which I love and am very enthusiastic to offer you as the most deeply relaxing, stress relieving and restoratitive therapy I have come across.  Through this work I bring together all my knowledge and find it is a modality which has vast potential for working on all levels.

I have also studied much around child development, wellbeing and alternatives for education as this is another of my passions.

Please see my relevant pages for more details. I aim to seek out the best and bring you up to date knowledge as it presents itself to me. I look forward to meeting you.



I have to say that since we started the supplements and doing home made blends down her tube at night (rather than NHS standard hand outs) she has turned into a different child – EVERYONE comments on how well she is looking and how much stronger and better she is… I can’t thank you enough.

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