About Zara

I have almost 30 years of experience in alternative health. Specialising in Nutrition, particularly digestion issues and detox, Stress Management and a broad Naturopathic approach to Holistic Wellbeing, working with lifesytle, plant remedies and energy medicine.

It is a continuous lifelong journey of learning and research and development but I fully believe we can be masters of our own wellbeing.

1991 – present I have been studying nutrition as a healing therapy, including the science and nutritional elements of foods through ION initially and different ways of eating – ‘conventional’, vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, raw, ketogenic, gaining awareness about how different foods and combinations influenced my own health, energy, emotions and mental clarity and that of clients,  combining that with the scientific research.   I have a diploma in Nutrition, Diet and Lifestyle and for 3 years studied with the Microbiome pioneer Dr Paul Yanick’s Quantafood Programme on restoring our gut microbiome and its importance for our health. I incorporate the wisdom of the research of Antoine Béchamp, Dr Robert O Young, Gabriel Cousins, Samuel Hahnemann, Steiner and other broadspectrum pioneers.

In 2011, I trained in Rejuvanessence® – Facial Energy Release – the most deeply relaxing, stress relieving  and restoratitive therapy I have come across. I have studied and worked with Energy Work and Crystal Healing in depth, including Coaching, Reflexology and Meridian work, as well as Aura Soma Colour Therapy.

I co-created an alternative health centre in Italy, and in 2005 was invited to Greece to set up and run a retreat centre.  I then worked with Be The Change Inititiative for a year, an organisation encouraging change environmentally, socially and personally.

I have four children and have studied much around child development, wellbeing and alternatives for education.

I aim to seek out the best and always bring you up to date knowledge.

I look forward to meeting you.




Zara is the clearest channel for healing energy, a mirror in which I felt challenged yet compassionately supported. I could suddenly see, with extraordinary clarity, how to take charge of my own health, and I could feel immediate benefits and sense how they might persist through making healthy choices… a beautiful lesson in taking care of myself.
J RBristol

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