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I could say I have prepared my whole life for this time we are presently experiencing. I have always known that we would get to this point where we are given the chance to step up and reclaim our full Sovereign Potential. It is time for us all to become response-able Masters of our own healing potential and creators of what can truly be a wonderful loving and free world for us and our children.  It will be a tough ride for while but together we can do this. At the end of the day it’s all about frequency.

I started my focused journey of study and exploration of a Naturopathic approach to Holistic Wellbeing 30 years ago.  I specialise in Nutrition, The Gut Microbiome, Emotional/Spiritual Transformation, Plant Remedies /Herbalism, Energy Medicine, Detox and Stress Management and creating a supportive Lifestyle so that you step into your own healing potential.

Mine has been a continuous lifelong journey of learning and research and development. All my advice is tailored to the individual and no one approach fits all.

1991 – present I have been studying nutrition as a healing therapy, including the science and nutritional elements of foods through ION initially and different ways of eating – ‘conventional’, vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, raw, ketogenic, gaining awareness about how different foods and combinations influenced my own health, energy, frequency, emotions and mental clarity and that of clients, combining that with the scientific research.   I have a diploma in Nutrition, Diet and Lifestyle and for 3 years studied with the Microbiome pioneer Dr Paul Yanick on restoring our gut microbiome and its importance for our health. I incorporate the wisdom of the research of Antoine Béchamp, Dr Robert O Young, Gabriel Cousins, Samuel Hahnemann, Steiner and other broad-spectrum pioneers, my guide always remains my deep intutition.

In 2011, I trained in Rejuvanessence® – Facial Energy Release – the most deeply relaxing, stress relieving  and restoratitive therapy I have come across, where I incorporate my lifelong experience with Energy Work.  I studied Crystal Healing in depth for 3 years, including Coaching, Reflexology, Meridian and Body Work, as well as Aura Soma Colour Therapy.

Plants have been a central part of my approach for decades and I am a qualified Herbalist and am presently gaining further qualifications in Advanced Medicinal Herbalism. I am the Nutrition, Wellbeing Advisor for the pro-biotic company Microbz®
In the 90s I co-created an alternative health centre in Italy, and in 2005 was invited to Greece to set up and run a Retreat Centre.  I then worked with sustainability Be The Change Inititiative for a year, as their Regional Coordinator.

I have four children and have studied much around child development, wellbeing and alternatives for education, with experience in Steiner, Mainstream and Home Ed.

I speak Italian fluently and teach this. I like to use all my skills and fullfil my creativity and also make dance-wear having trained as a ballet dancer and enjoy supporting my vocational ballet student youngest daughter.

I aim to seek out the best and  bring you the most up to date knowledge and experience.

I look forward to meeting you.




I feel that the quanta supplements taken on your recommendations, dosage and timings have created a significant shift. Cleansing of the body has been more efficient. (I am having mercury levels tested in this month but already know that there will be a massive difference.) The adrenals feel restored and I feel like I did when I was 20 (I am 45).
C ChichesterVillage Barn Retreats, 2012

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