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Zara KirkI have more than 25 years of experience in alternative therapies, energetic healing, meditation, nutrition and movement for wellbeing. I have met my own life and health challenges with the ‘knowing’ that we can be masters of our own wellbeing and for my children too and through this I have been moved to learn and research and discover continuously and to share this passion.  I work from this growing base of knowledge and also intuitively and at a soul level,  drawing on different modalities as and when needed as each one of us is individual.

I studied nutrition as a healing therapy, including the science and nutritional elements of foods through ION and different ways of eating – ‘conventional’, vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, raw, ketogenic and gaining awareness about how different foods and combinations influenced my own health, energy, emotions and mental clarity, then combine that with the science out there.   I have a diploma in Nutrition, Diet and Lifestyle and for 3 years studied with the Microbiome pioneer Dr Paul Yanick’s Quantafood Programme on restoring our gut microbiome and its importance for our health.  My work with nutrition involves continuous study.

In 2011, I trained in Rejuvanessence® – Facial Energy Release – the most deeply relaxing, stress relieving  and restoratitive therapy I have come across. I have studied and worked with Energy Work and Crystal Healing in depth, including Coaching, Reflexology and Meridian work, as well as Aura Soma Colour Therapy.

I co-created an alternative health centre in Italy, and in 2005 was invited to Greece to set up and run a retreat centre.  I then worked with Be The Change Inititiative for a year, an organisation encouraging change environmentally, socially and personally.

I have four children and have studied much around child development, wellbeing and alternatives for education.

I aim to seek out the best and always bring you up to date knowledge.

I look forward to meeting you.


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Zara Kirk’s work is subtle, profound, honest, precise, deeply loving and still. A session with her is a journey to the simplest wholeness, and symptoms and problems don’t just fade for awhile, they disappear with such expansion that one can easily forget whatever was bothering one in the first place, forever.
Dr Steve Hinkey

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