The Solution Summit 2012 – The Whole Summit – “How do we Thrive in this world right now?”

A three hour documentary from The People’s Voice, featuring Adam Lloyd Davis from Positive Path, Foster Gamble from Thrive and Jamie Janover from The Resonance Project, Nassim Haramein, Susana Wilkerson from Pure Delight Hemp.
(Item 17 in The People’s Voice playlist – clicking “Play All” should, in fact play this item, but you may find other vidoes in the playlist interesting too!)


Any doctor, health practitioner, or clinic wanting a healer to assist the health and growth of a practice, and the well being of the patients and clients, would do more than well to have Zara. I have been teaching doctors and practitioners for 30 years, and have helped to staff over a dozen clinics, and I would employ Zara in an instant.
Dr Steve Hinkey

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